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Okay, well this is my first journal entry. I'm not really sure what goes in it, so I'll start off with saying a few things about myself.

*wondering if anyone will actually look at this*

Let's start with some likes,
I like:

reading, writing, shopping, clothes, music, spoof movies, epic love stories, ed westwick, photography, the twilight dream team, hoping dan and blair will get together on gossip girl, neon colors, being different, weird people, random people, shy people, gingers, michael cera, adam sandler movies, skins, beverly hills 90210, melrose place, vintage fashion, teen vogue, drew barrymore movies, paramore,  the degrassi from the 80s, the degrassi from now, shipping epic couples on tv shows, nicholas sparks books, cardigans, the gone series by michael grant because it's flipping awesome, covering my bedroom walls with a million random things, keeping a piggy bank, joe jonas, converse, fear street books by r.l. stine, will ferrel movies, quoting napolean dynamite, stupid humor, mtv's disaster date, figuring ot new things to do in photoshop, beaches, the bachelor/bachelorette,  summer, relient k, and a lot of other stuff.

And I don't like:
justin bieber, people obsessing over justin bieber, rude people, the terrible actors they got to film twilight, bugs, being afraid all the time, 10 things i hate about you(the tv show) being canceled, the dark, reality shows, stuck up people, people who think they're cool because they hate twilight, ugg boots, being alone, disney channel, jocks, and a lot of other stuff.

Well this was fun, but i think i'm done now. Goodbye.


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Hey, looks like you figured this site out. :) It's funny you mention 'people who think they're cool because they hate twilight', because it used to be cool to hate BH90210 (after its wild popularity started to wane, of course). Your Dylan/Kelly userpic is adorable!

Yes, I've been figuring more things out about this site lately. Really? It was cool to hate 90210? I'm sixteen so I don't know how it was like back then. I was a baby. haha. But I love the show now. much better than the new 90210. & thank you, I just love Dylan/Kelly! yours is cute too. Also thanks for being my first comment ever. :)

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